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  • We offer the Road Skills Testing during the day, after hours, weekends, & in weather conditions when the DMV can't. Students may use their vehicle for the Road Skills Test or use our car Driver Ed car.
  • Two Locations: VF Outlet Mall in Arcadia and in Ruston at 206 West Alabama.
  • Cost $40.00
  • Call /Text David @ 318-245-6566 for a TPT appointment.

  • Students 17 year or Above:

    Once the student has completed the appropriate Driver's Ed Class/Pre-licensing course, the Road Skills test MUST be conducted PRIOR to applying for a Full License at the DMV. The Road Skills Test is a separate driving test from your practice driving with your driver's course.

    17 Yr Olds who have successfully completed the 38 Hr Course can take the Road Skills Test Prior to going the the DMV if they want a Full License. (Parent Permission and $40 Fee required)

    18 Yr olds who have successfully completed their Driver Ed Course MUST take the Road Skills Test PRIOR to going to the DMV.

    Once students have passed the Road Skills Test they will be given a sealed envelope to take to the DMV. This envelope must remain sealed. If the seal is broken before taken to the DMV, the test is considered NULL and VOID. The student must return to the Driving School and Retake the Road Skills test for a fee of $40.00.

  • Applicants 16 year old:

    We can administer the Road Skills test to 16 year olds who have held their Learners permit for at least 180 days.
    Once they meet this criteria, they can return to the DMV with completed Road Skills Test Sealed Envelope and upgrade to an Intermediate License.

*Once the Road Skills Test is Completed and Passed with a score of 80 or above; the student will be given a sealed envelope to take to the DMV. If the seal is broken prior to going to the DMV, it is considered Null and Void and the student will have to return to the Driving School to Retest for an additional $40.00 fee.


Email: drivepickett@gmail.com
Call/Text: David 318.245.6566

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We can ONLY accept CASH for Road Skills Test!

Refund policy: Students will not be given a refund if they do not pass the Driving Test, but there will only be a $15.00 administrative fee to retest.

What Students must provide to the TPT to take the Road Skills Test:

  • Original Birth Certificate AND Social Security Card
    *If student does not have these Primary Documents, refer to the Driver's Manual for other acceptable documents.
    *If Internation Student: Passport + see drivers manual for acceptable documents and requirements.
  • Students Driving Permit
  • If Student is 17 & 18 and does not have a driving permit yet, must have their Sealed Envelope from the Driving School (Certificate of Completion of Driver's Ed & DMV documents will be inside). This envelope must remain sealed.
  • If student is under 18 yrs old, they must be accompanied by their domiciliary custodial parent/legal guardian and their ID/Driver's License. Along with any other custodial/guardian documents if needed.
  • If student is using their own vehicle for testing, the Car must pass inspection and they will need to bring in valid registration/insurance cards.
  • $40 CASH ($15.00 car usage fee if student did not take our DE Course)
  • School enrollment form (High school, GED, Home School) will be needed for the DMV. Not Mandatory for TPT.